Tuesday, 15 October 2013

mind full

With each day, my growing fascination wakes me from sleep. The differences, and similarities, between the culture I've always known and that which I have never known; the smallest detail captivates and inspires a renewed way of being. Daily actions are exercised with more care. My attention becomes focused on the present, for the first time in some time. I am mindful of all I do and of all I am. I begin to notice the littlest, as well as the biggest, the mute alongside the loudest. Tokyo is brimful of contradiction. It jolts you into the future while rooting you in the past. The simplicity and complexity, the re-working of traditions, the ability to renew and keep up, to consume yet reuse. The relentless engagement with digital worlds in parallel to the politeness of the personal.

After ten days, my head is full of wonder and I begin to compose my love letter to Japan.